Jet Plasma

Jet Plasma: 20min – 1.5 Hours

Jet Plasma is the most advanced technology breakthrough in the Plasma industry which is used to tighten skin, shrink pores and promote high levels of collagen regeneration.

Plasma is the fourth (4th) state of matter; it is an ionized gas made of free

electrons and positively charged ions. An example of Plasma is the Sun/stars.

This extremely powerful device penetrates 13,000 volts of plasma through the epidermis, into the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin, stimulating high levels of collagen and remodeling the cellular structure from the inside out. When Jet Plasma is mixed with oxide oxygen, ozone is created which kills surface bacteria and has inflammatory properties to aid in calming keratosis, eczema, psoriasis. By using Jet Plasma technology, we are able to prevent cell death from occurring which can therefore reverse and prevent aging of the skin to a certain degree!

What to expect:

Treatment can take as little as 20 minutes. The technician runs the Jet Plasma device a few times across the treatment area, client may feel slightly warm in some places, typically the upper and under the eyes area.

This treatment involves absolutely no downtime. This can be a standalone treatment or combined with other aesthetic procedures.

Treatment Plan:

We recommend anywhere between 3-8 series of treatments performed between 1-4 weeks apart. Most clients notice a difference after the first session, for optimal results we suggest a series of 8 treatments. Number of treatments needed will vary from client to client.


Following the treatment, due to your channels in the skin being open, it is important that nothing is applied to the skin for 12 hours other than what your skincare professional puts on your skin.

No makeup can be worn after the treatment for AT LEAST 12 hours.

No exercise, sauna or steam room for AT LEAST 12 hours. 

You can resume your regular skincare routine after 12 hours.

Don’t forget your sunscreen!!

What JetPlasma Can Treat:

Stretch marks
Aging and damaged skin

Benefits of JetPlasma:

No pain
No downtime
No numbing required
Brightens, tightens and remodels the cellular structure of the skin from inside out
Diminish Wrinkles