Acnox Plus Active Cream


What can you expect? (The result)

An active treatment cream, operates to relieve and soothe imperfections and helps prevent future breakouts and rejuvenate the skin. Contains Salicylic Acid which operates as a cleansing element, Shikimic Acid which balances sebum and nourishes the skin with vitamins and Amino Acid and Zinc that helps improve the skin texture.

What are the product usage instructions?

Apply once a day to cleansed skin, massage gently and allow for absorption.
Recommended to use with ACNOX PLUS HYDRATANT CREAM. Immediately after use, avoid direct exposure to sunlight. It is recommended that use of the product is followed with the application of an effective sunblock product, at least SPF 15.

Active Ingredients:

Allantoin, Arnica, Bisabolol, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin F, BHA, Lemon, Minerals, Menthol, Sugar, Chamomile, Camphor, Eucalyptus Oil, Mint Oil, Green Tea


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