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Non Surgical Facelift
Get a quick lift to your face without surgery and no downtime.
radio frequency facial

Get a Quick Lift Today with No Downtime!

Who doesn't love a quick facial life without any downtime! See results after your first session and see the results improve after each session.

Non-surgical facelift is achieved by using radio frequency (RF) to transmit energy like waves through your skin down to the lower layers of your skin.

Radio Frequency can penetrate deep into your skin unlike most facial treatments where you work on the skins surface level.

Get Surprised with Quick Noticeable Results

Radio Frequency treatments help promote collagen production and skin tightening. It works by tightening the surface level skin and deep down to the muscles below the skin. You are treating internally and externally.

This treatment will help the appearance of fine lines but it goes deeper than that. If you have wrinkles, we can help treat that with a unique session and treatment plan.

non surgical facelift
non surgical facelift necklift

Abolish the Turtle Neck

Sagging and wrinkles around the neck can become frustrating and annoying as it's difficult to treat without a procedure.

The turtle neck is normally a result of the aging process and years of tanning and sun exposure which leads to the skin around the neck sagging as it loses collagen and elasticity.

At Yanox, we use different devices and treatments that provide a gentle yet powerful solution for restoring elasticity and tone to the face and neck area.

This is a non-invasive, non-ablative treatment, which reduces the appearance of sagging under the chin, neck, and face and helps to prevent the formation of jowls

Why Choose a Radio Frequency Facial

See improvements to areas of your face that bother you or you would like to roll back the clock.

Targeted Areas

Target particular areas of your face such as under the eye, over eye, marionette lines and neck.

Healing From Within

Go deep to the source of the problem instead of getting temporary injectables.

Restorative Care

Reduce the signs of aging and improve the overall appearance of your skin.

We all love injectables but

Non-Surgical Facelift will help heal your skin from within.

non surgical facelift
non surgical facelift
non surgical facelift

Non-Invasive, No Downtime

Sculpt Your Face in as little as 20 minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your desired results and treatment plan the costs will vary.

Costs range from $130 to $160 per session.

Sessions on average last around 20 minutes. 

You can expect to see results in the first week of your session. Results will build up after every treatment session. 

We will discuss your unique treatment plan based upon your goals.

The procedure can feel like a hot stone massage for your face. For people with sensitive skin this can feel a little uncomfortable. 

Your face will appear instantly tighter and toned on the outer layers and long term results are gained by the heat penetrating deep down the layers of your skin

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